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Ballymena Recycling Centre

Ballymena recycling Centre provides a facility for the collection and sorting of recyclable materials. The Centre also offers educational sessions on recycling.

This recycling Centre is a new environmental facility that opened in 2009. It is the only recycling centre in County Antrim. The Centre collects and recycles household waste from around the town and surrounding villages. It also provides access to a range of environmental services, including waste prevention advice, recycling education and facilities for sorting and storing recyclable materials.

The recycling Centre is a local authority-owned facility in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, which processes and recycles waste from the local community. The Centre was opened in 2001 and is currently the largest recycling facility in Northern Ireland. It has a capacity to process and recycle over 750,000 tonnes of waste annually.

The Centre is operated by the Ballymena Borough Council with support from the Department for Infrastructure. It employs around 60 people who work to help reduce the environmental impact of waste management in Ballymena. The Centre also offers training and employment opportunities to local residents.

The History of Ballymena Recycling Centre

Ballymena recycling centre has a long and colourful history. The recycling centre was originally set up in 1992 as a small collection point for plastic bottles and cans. The centre has since grown to become the largest recycling facility in Northern Ireland.

The recycling centre has played an important role in the local community, providing employment for over 100 people and contributing £4 million annually to the local economy. In addition, the recycling centre provides environmental education programs for school children, making it a important part of the local community.

The recycling centre is a vital part of the local economy and has helped to improve the environment by helping to reduce plastic waste.

How does Ballymena recycle Centre work?

The Ballymena recycling Centre works by sorting and separating recyclable materials into different categories, before they are taken to a local waste disposal facility. The Centre also provides education on recycling and the benefits of reducing waste.

The recycling Centre is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. It is a facility that collects and recycles mixed materials, including plastics, paper and cans. The centre also has a composting area. The recycled materials are then used to make new products or exported.

What does the Ballymena recycling Centre do?

The Ballymena recycling Centre is the only facility of its kind in County Antrim. It was officially opened in October 2011 and employs six people. The Centre receives, processes and sells recycled material. The main products are plastic bottles and cans, textiles, glass, paper and cardboard.

The recycling Centre does a great job at sorting and recycling different types of materials. They help keep the environment clean by sorting and recycling different types of materials. The Centre also offers helpful services to the community such as drop-off and pick-up for recyclable materials.

What are the advantages of using the services of the Ballymena recycling Centre?

There are many advantages to using the services of a recycling centre, including environmental and economic benefits. The environmental benefits of recycling include reducing the amount of waste produced, helping to conserve resources, and improving air quality. The economic benefits of recycling include reducing waste disposal costs, improving efficiency in the workplace, and creating jobs.

The Ballymena recycling Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that allow them to recycle a wide variety of materials including plastics, paper, glass, and metal. They also offer a range of recycling services such as collection, sorting, and disposal. The recycling Centre is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

What Happens to the Waste After It’s Collected at the Centre?

The recycling centre in Ballymena collects household waste from local homes every week. Once the waste is collected, it is taken to the sorting centre where it is divided into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. The recyclable materials are then taken to the reprocessing plant where they are broken down into their respective materials, such as plastics and metals. The non-recyclable materials are either burned or sent to landfill.

The recycling centre collects household waste, dry recyclables and packaging from businesses in the Ballymena area. The waste is sorted and cleaned before being transported to a local waste to energy plant.

How Much Does it Cost to Use the Centre?

The Ballymena recycling Centre charges a nominal fee to use the facility. The fees are USD 0.50 per load, with a minimum charge of USD 2.00.

The recycling process begins with sorting the recyclable materials into different bags or boxes according to their grade. The highest quality materials are placed in the green bag and recycled while the lower quality materials are placed in the brown or black bag and sold to local businesses.

The recycling Centre has a team of dedicated employees who help residents recycle their waste responsibly. In addition, the Centre offers educational programs on how to properly recycle your garbage.


Ballymena recycling Centre is a great resource for anyone looking to recycle their household waste. They offer a wide range of sorting and recycling services, as well as drop-off points across the town. If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact or simply want to do something good for the environment, Ballymena recycling Centre should be at the top of your list.

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