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Skip hire prices in the United Kingdom exhibit considerable variation, influenced by several factors. Numerous elements contribute to the cost of skip hire, including the skip’s size, the duration for which it is rented, the specific location of the hire, and the nature of the waste being disposed of. Moreover, the duration of the hire itself has an impact on the price, as longer rental periods generally entail higher costs compared to shorter ones. Typically, a hire period spans between 7 and 14 days, although this timeframe may fluctuate based on individual requirements and the policies of the skip hire company.

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Skip hire prices in the UK are subject to variation based on numerous factors. The size of the skip influences the cost, the type of waste being disposed of, the location where the skip will be placed, and the duration of the hire.

For smaller projects like garden clearances or home renovations, the 2-yard skip is often the most affordable option. Another cost-effective choice is the 4-yard skip, which is suitable for small domestic or commercial endeavors.

The 6-yard skip is commonly hired for medium-sized projects, such as larger domestic clearances or small construction sites. The 8-yard and 10-yard skips are appropriate for medium-sized commercial or industrial projects.

Larger skip sizes are available for more substantial undertakings, including 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard, 20-yard, and 40-yard roll-on roll-off skips. These skips cater to larger commercial or industrial projects but typically come with a higher cost.

The type of waste being disposed of also affects skip hire cost. Waste materials like construction debris or hazardous substances require special handling and disposal, resulting in an increase in the overall cost of skip hire.

Moreover, the location where the skip hire is placed can impact the price. If the skip needs to be positioned on a public road or highway, a permit from the local council is necessary, and some councils charge fees for these permits, thereby contributing to the total skip hire cost.

Furthermore, the duration of the hire period plays a role in determining the cost. Some skip hire companies charge a daily rate, while others offer a flat fee for the entire duration. If you anticipate a longer hire period, it may be worthwhile to negotiate a discounted rate with the skip hire company to ensure a more cost-effective arrangement.

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Mini Skip Hire

Mini skips, also known as 2-yard and 3-yard skips, provide an efficient waste management solution tailored to those with minimal waste removal requirements. These compact skips are the smallest available and occupy minimal space when placed. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, they offer versatility and convenience.

In domestic applications, mini skips are a practical choice for small-scale home and garden projects. Apart from being budget-friendly for waste disposal, they are also environmentally conscious, making them an appealing option for individuals aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. With average prices ranging from £126 to £271, mini skips offer a cost-effective waste management solution that meets your needs while keeping expenses in check.

Midi Skip Hire

Midi skips present a highly practical and efficient solution when it comes to the removal of diverse waste types, encompassing debris from garages, gardens, kitchen renovations, and bathroom fittings. Falling within the 4 to 5 yard range, these skips are well-suited for managing moderate amounts of waste material.

Compared to mini skips, midi skips offer a more budget-friendly alternative, making them an optimal selection for individuals seeking to minimize expenses while maintaining effective waste management. With an average cost ranging from £176 to £250, midi skips provide an affordable and reliable solution tailored to your specific waste disposal requirements.

Builders Skip Hire

Builders skip hire services offer specialized waste management solutions designed for builders and construction sites. These services provide large containers, known as skips, for the temporary storage and efficient removal of construction waste. Available in a range of sizes, typically starting from 6 cubic yards and extending to 8 cubic yards or even larger, these skips are specifically suited for disposing of heavy materials such as bricks, concrete, rubble, and soil.

By utilizing builders skip hire services, construction professionals can ensure the cleanliness and safety of their work areas. The average cost of hiring a builder skip ranges from £229 to £280, offering a competitive price point for effective waste management in the construction industry.

Maxi Skip Hire

Maxi skips represent the pinnacle of skip sizes, offering the exceptional capacity to handle bulky and heavy waste materials. These skips are particularly well-suited for significant projects that generate substantial waste volumes. With a range of sizes available, including 10-yard, 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard, and 18-yard options, you can select the specific size that aligns with your project requirements and budget.

It’s important to note that maxi skips are larger and heavier compared to mini, midi, and builder skips. If space on your property is limited, acquiring a skip permit from your local council becomes necessary to secure an appropriate area for placing these skips.

Considering their size and capabilities, maxi skips come at a higher price point. On average, the cost of a maxi skip ranges from £258 to £525. Although it may represent a greater investment, the ample capacity and efficient waste removal make maxi skips a valuable solution for individuals and businesses with substantial waste management needs.

Roro Skip Hire

Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) skips, also known as RORO skips, are the largest skip sizes in the UK. These skips come in various dimensions, including 20-yard, 25-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard options. Designed to accommodate substantial amounts of waste, RoRo skips offer a practical solution for handling extensive disposal requirements.

In addition to their size, RoRo skips can also be obtained in lockable form, allowing you to securely store waste or unwanted items until they are ready for disposal. This added feature enhances safety and provides peace of mind during the waste management process.

Pricing for RoRo skips may vary based on factors such as your location, the type, and quantity of waste, as well as any necessary permits required for placement. To obtain accurate pricing information, it is advisable to request a quote or custom offer tailored to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions​

It depends on local regulations and permits. In some cases, you may need to obtain a permit from the local council to place the skip on a public road or pavement. It’s advisable to check with your skip hire company and local authorities for specific guidelines and requirements.

Reputable skip hire companies prioritize responsible waste management. After collection, the waste is taken to a licensed waste transfer station, where it undergoes sorting and processing. Recyclable materials are separated for recycling, while non-recyclable waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, adhering to relevant regulations.

The duration of the hire period can vary depending on the skip hire company. Typically, the hire period ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks. It’s best to discuss your specific requirements with the skip hire provider and arrange a hire period that suits your project timeline.

No, it is important not to overfill the skip. Overfilling can lead to safety hazards during transportation and collection. Skips should be filled only up to the top level, ensuring that the waste does not exceed the skip’s capacity or obstruct the safe operation of the collection vehicle.

If you require an extension on the hire period, it’s advisable to contact the skip hire company as early as possible to discuss your needs. They will inform you if an extension is possible and provide you with the necessary information regarding any additional costs or arrangements for prolonging the hire period.


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