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Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre

Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre is a great resource for those looking to recycle their waste. Not only do they have a wide variety of recycling services available, but they also have an informative staff who are always willing to help. This centre offers residents and businesses in the area a convenient and affordable way to dispose of their recyclable materials. Plus, our team is always happy to offer advice on how to reduce waste in your household. So don’t hesitate to visit us today.

How does the Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre work?

The Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre is a convenient and easy way to recycle your materials. The centre has a large sorting area where you can choose what to recycle. They also have a take-away service where you can drop off your recyclable material for pickup.

This Recycling Centre is a sorting and recycling centre that is open to the public. It was open in 1999 and is run the Borough of Tunbridge Wells. It is locate on Church Road, next to the Tunbridge Wells Museum. The centre is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and it is close on Sundays. The centre has a staff of three and a capacity of 150 people.
The main sorting process at the recycling centre is ‘triple-sorting’. This means that different types of materials are separate into three categories: organic waste (including food waste), recyclable materials (including plastics, paper and metal), and general waste (including furniture, clothing and appliances).
The recyclable materials that are sort at the recycling centre include plastics, paper, metal, glass and plastic bottles. The total weight of recycle material that was collect from the public in 2016 was 12,969kg. The majority (97%) of this weight made up of plastic materials.

What are the Different Types of Materials that can recycle?

There are many different materials that can recycle, each with its own benefits. Here are the different types of materials and their recycling processes:
In general, there are three main categories of recyclable material:

  •  Municipal solid waste (MSW): This includes everything from food wrappers and cardboard to paper towels and office trash. municipal solid waste is collect municipalities and sent to centralize facilities for sorting and processing.
  •  Soiled paper: Soiled paper includes magazines, newspapers, advertising flyers, and catalogs. It is collect businesses and residents throughout the country and sort into categories like grocery bags, office paper, or mail.
  •  Glass: Glass can recycle multiple times depending on the type of glass it is. Common types of glass that can recycle include wine bottles, beer bottles, food containers, and even window glass. Most municipalities have facilities that collect glass and process it into new products.

The Benefits of Recycling at Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre

The Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre is a great resource for residents of the town. It offers residents free recycling services, which helps to reduce the amount of waste that needs to send to landfills. In addition, the centre helps to reduce the amount of pollution that is create in the town recycling materials.

The Recycling Centre also offers a number of other benefits to residents. For example, it helps to reduce the amount of waste that needs to transport to landfills. The centre also helps to keep recycle materials out of the hands of criminals, which is important give the recent increase in crime rates in Tunbridge Wells.

Residents who live in the town should definitely consider using the Recycling Centre. It offers a number of benefits that are important for reducing pollution and waste in Tunbridge Wells.

What is recycle at Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre?

The Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre recycles a wide range of materials including plastic, metal, paper and glass. They recycle everything from food packaging to car parts. The centre also accepts electronic waste.

How do I donate my recycleable items to the centre?

If you’re looking to dispose of your recyclable items safely and efficiently, the Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre is the place for you! Located at 24-26 High Street, the Centre accepts a wide variety of materials, including plastics, paper, cans, glass and metal. In addition to sorting and recycling your items, the Centre offers a drop off service for residents of Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area.

What can I recycle at the Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre?

The Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre offers residents and businesses a convenient place to recycle a variety of materials. Materials that can recycle at the centre include plastics, paper, metal, textiles, and electronics.

The recycling process begins with sorting the materials into their respective categories. Once the materials have sort, they are place into drums or boxes for transport to a reprocessing plant. The recycling process can take many different forms, but all aim to create new products from recycled materials.

The Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Congratulations on choosing This Recycling Centre as your go-to place for recycling! We appreciate your business and hope that you have had a positive experience so far. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time – we want to make sure that you are always happy with your recycling service. Thank you again for choosing Tunbridge Wells Recycling Centre.

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